leave-me-be--set-me-free asked:

Remember when Sam got infected and spoke with Ellie on how he's scared to turn? After she left I imagined he stayed up all night trying to fight the infection and keep control of his mind by just thinking. I imagine he thought about his brother and how he loves him, fond memories of his life, his friendship with Ellie, but his thoughts were slowly fading away and Sam was getting scared of this. And then his emotions went away.I wonder when he completely lost himself. Sorry if I made you sad.

the-last-of-us-forever answered:

Nah , you didn’t make me sad, you made me think. I totally agree with you that there must be some mental battle happening between turning and being human.


leave-me-be--set-me-free asked:

Hi. So I have a comment I'd like to share if you don't mind. So I absolutely adore the TLOU and it's my favourite game, forever and always. But I've noticed the lack of diversity in it, all I see are black and white people. Where are those of Asian ethnicity? So many live in America in real life. It's almost like the game is saying that they all were turned/killed or they didn't exist. I would've loved to see an Indian person in the game so i can root for them. What do you think?

fuckyeahlastofus answered:

This is a good point and I agree. There is a lack of diversity in most types of media but I do think that The Last Of Us is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to both diversity and female roles in gaming.







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